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Oxygen Bar Events

Want to get your party started?  Take a deep breath and let’s roll!

Our Oxygen Bar Events are a fresh addition to a broad range of special events: fancy fundraisers, corporate events, sporting events, picnics, business mixers, product launches, school events, weddings, showers and birthdays. 

Perfect for bachelor/ bachelorette parties or any events in Calgary and surroundings, an oxygen bar can infuse the body with energy before the party, so you can to go the distance for a night on the town. Oxygen can also provide an elixir to deal with the hangover after too much Calgary nightlife.

Oxygen bars are not only a fun activity, but enhance special events with many benefits.

Extra Seating: The bar that supports the oxygen delivery carousels also provides additional seating space for socializing and networking, and provides additional table space to rest appetizers and cocktails. 

Happy Networking: The oxygen bar setting links event attendees to the oxygen delivery systems with enough distance to feel comfortable, yet the little island of air creates a joyous intimacy amongst party-goers.  That bubble of happiness ripples throughout the party, creating a buzz that draws others to join in the fun.

Rejuvenation: In Calgary, the action is fast. The Oxygen bar provides a moment to chill out, breathe deep and revive.  Some even say o2 (oxygen) cures a hangover, which often happens in Calgary.

Healthy High:  Oxygen or o2 is a great alternative high for people who cannot drink alcohol or choose not to.  Oxygen bars are especially a good fit for health-focused events.

Oxygen Makes Clients Feel Good

Calgary tradeshows are exhausting.  Hours spent standing on concrete floors, soaking up visual, audio and mental stimuli can drain convention and trade shows attendees of energy, stamina, and focus. Common complaints include headache, aching muscles, fuzzy brain, eye strain, and body fatigue. You can be their hero AND increase tradeshow sales. With oxygen bar at your Las Vegas convention, meeting or tradeshow.

Oxygen Bar creates Booth Buzz

Provide oxygen bar in a convention setting and you create an oasis for weary guests. When conventioneers spot that huddle of energy in your exhibit booth, they gravitate toward the activity, curious to see what all the buzz is about.

An oxygen bar forces people to slow down and spend more time with you and your sales team.  So, they linger longer in your exhibit booth, which draws even more people!

Oxygen Links a “Feel Good” Experience to Your Company

Oxygen bar service positively transforms attendees’ mood and physical condition. First, they get to sit down and rest their feet, which is a luxury on the tradeshow floor.  Next, they are nurtured by our attractive and happy oxygen bar attendant. Once they are hooked up to the oxygen, limp bodies regain life.

Just as they begin to rejuvenate, they see your company logo on the oxygen delivery station and make that first positive connection.  Your booth is so busy,  you have a line of people to talk to. No worries.

Linked to our oxygen delivery carousels, sales leads are a captive audience.  They relax and leaf through your handouts on the pace of the generous counter of our bar, soaking up revitalizing oxygen. 

Finally, when you are ready to make a sale, you are pitching to a happy, relaxed and focused person. Oxygen bar in your exhibit booth has prepared the way for potential customers to be open to hearing your sales message.

Oxygen bar for customers creates a lasting, personal connection that your competitors can’t beat! Guests leave your booth, hospitality suite or meeting refreshed and energized, and will associate their feelings of well-being with your company.

Stay Energized & Capture Sales Every Day of Your Tradeshow.

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